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The Concept

It all started when I saw a Video of the AeroVelo Eta.

This is the fastest bicycle in the world at an insane speed of 139.45 km/h (!)

So the Idea came up in my head to build a streamlined body with electric assist in an environmentally friendly package.

That is why it´s all made out of wood.

Had i known how long it will take I´d never have started it all...

Anyway, here are the planed features:

-Full wooden frame
-7Kg 7s Li-Ion Akkupack
-Flexible solar pannels on the roof
-7s Electrodacus Solar BMS
-2x VedderESC for variable power (max. 2,6 kW sin) on the front wheels
-5,5m turning radius
-exterior Hull out of Newspaper laminated with Epoxy
-total Weight 31,8 kg (that´s when the Project will end)



So far I presented my project at the following events:

  • 2023
    • Consumenta
    • Maker Faire Hannover
    • Maker Faire Vienna
  • 2018
    • Maker Faire Vienna
    • Q202 Vienna
  • 2017
    • Maker Faire Vienna
    • Q202 Vienna


Current Version

the actual version is 0.3.1, which has not yet been finished. But we´re getting there :-)

To my astonishment Make Magazin did an interview at Maker Faire Vienna with me...

You can view it here.

Thanks to all Visotors at Consumenta 2023 for all the valueable input !